Blow Your Own Eggs to Make An Easter Egg Tree

More Blown Eggs! 012Here’s a lovely Easter project in readiness for the forthcoming celebrations this weekend, inspired by a visit to our friends Sam and James last Saturday.

Whilst visiting we spied the most dazzling display of hand blown eggs.  Our daughter, Fleur, was absolutely fascinated, so today we’ve had a go at blowing our own eggs and it couldn’t be easier.

You will need:

March 2015 121Twigs – we’ve used apple tree branches left over from a recent pruning

16 eggs

Mixing bowl

Twine or ribbon and a glue stick

A receptacle for displaying the twigs.  I’ve used a large jug with a narrow neck to secure the twigs, but for a broader display Sam used a jug with a wider neck and secured her twigs using sand and shingle.

March 2015 124We began by inserting a small hole in the March 2015 123
top of the egg using a binka needle.  We then made a larger hole in the bottom of the egg, taking great care not to break the egg shell.  Placing a mixing bowl underneath the egg Fleur then placed her mouth over the smaller hole at the top of the egg and blew, and blew, and blew!!!  We found that if we shook the egg this helped with the flow of egg white and yolk escaping from the larger hole.

March 2015 136After blowing the eggs we carefully washed the shells in soapy water and left them to dry on the aga.  Alternatively, a radiator or airing cupboard would work just as well.

Once the eggs were dry I took a section of twine and made a simple loop and secured with a knot.  I then threaded the twine into the larger hole in the egg, so the knot sat on top of the egg shell and secured in place using glue.

More Blown Eggs! 018Sam’s method was slightly different and she used ribbon tied in a loop with a bow and secured this to the bottom of the egg with glue.

Once the loop was securely fastened to the egg we had great fun arranging our display.  I’ve gone for a naturalistic display but the eggs can be painted for a more dramatic effect.  Old tester pots are great for this and I have no doubt that by Friday some of my beautiful eggs will have been painted by Fleur!!!

March 2015 133Finally, my able assistant mixed all the egg mixture we’d blown from the eggs together and made the most delicious scrambled egg with more left over for cake making tomorrow!

Happy Easter.

Lizzie xxx


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