How To Make a Decorative Wreath From Wisteria Strands

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Earlier this week I pruned the wisteria on the south-facing wall of my home by cutting back the whippy growths, made during the summer, to two or three buds from the main stem.  I’ll prune again in July.

After pruning, this left me with strands of pliable wisteria perfect for coaxing into a circular wreath.

How To Make

Wisteria Strands


I began by taking a strand of wisteria and forming a circle.  I then threaded the strand of wisteria under and over, around the circle and secured it by threading it back into itself.  Next, I took another strand and continued the process until all the strands had been threaded into the wreath.  You can thread as many or as little as your wish.

I’m presently using my wreath as a decorative circle around a hurricane lamp .  At Easter I shall use it as a table display, by threading moss, ivy and seasonal flowers from the garden into it, as well as the usual easter chicks and chocolate mini eggs!!

Good luck and happy wreath making!

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1 Response to How To Make a Decorative Wreath From Wisteria Strands

  1. love it! Typically have already pruned ours and discarded the whippy bits – will remember for next year though. xx

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