Delicious Homemade Raspberry/Blackberry Vodka

With the nights drawing in and a definite autumnal chill in the air, I’m beginning to turn my thoughts to Christmas and making my favourite yuletide tipples – Raspberry and Blackberry Vodkas. 

They’re incredibly simple to make and taste delicious, and the perfect nightcap after a long days entertaining. Luckily, they’re always a big hit with our guests!

Raspberry Vodka

To make two bottles you will need:

300g of raspberries

330g of white caster sugar

1.5 litres of medium range vodka (Sainsburys have a good deal at the moment)

a funnel and 2 sterilised bottles (I used an old wine and gin bottle and sterilised them in the dishwasher!)


First wash the raspberries discarding any mushy fruit and cut in half so they fit through the neck of the bottle.

Using a funnel, add the sugar and top up with vodka to the rim.

Shake every day until the sugar has dissolved and then store in a cook dark place for at least 3 months (my present batch is zipped up in my son’s cricket bag!!)  The longer you can leave it the better, and is often best drunk after a year or over.

Blackberry Vodka

To make blackberry vodka follow exactly the same method as raspberry vodka but remove the fruit after 3 months by pouring the vodka through a muslin, to prevent a woody taste developing.  For best results leave for a year – but I often drink mine at 3 months!! 

Good luck and happy vodka making!!!

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3 Responses to Delicious Homemade Raspberry/Blackberry Vodka

  1. Oh yum, what a great idea. I’m ot really that much of a fan of normal vodka, so this would work perfectly for me. There’s a bar here that does every flavour of vodka imaginable… even mars bar vodka……

  2. omgoodness that looks delish!

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