Planting Out Seedling Courgettes, Tumbling Tom Tomatoes and Harvesting First Swift potatoes

This Spring I had every good intention of growing my own courgettes from seed, but time ran away with me.  Luckily, this week I went to a fabulous early summer fayre and bought two healthy courgette plants.

Last year I planted my courgettes in a raised vegetable border and they expanded so much they swamped some of my other veg!!!  To avoid this problem again,  I’ve decided to grow them in growbags.

I began by turning the growbag over and perforating the bottom of the growbag with small holes for drainage.

I flipped the growbag face up and cut a hole in the top of the growbag, the same diameter as the courgette plant pot.

Finally, I made a well in the growbag, the same size as the courgette pot and watered, before taking the courgette out of it’s pot and planting in the growbag.

I’ve placed the growbag in a sheltered, sunny position and will keep well watered.  The trick with using a growbag is to make sure it doesn’t dry out!

Planting out Tumbling Toms

I sowed 20 Tumbling Tom seeds in mid April in a seed tray on a window ledge and 11 seeds have taken.  With all signs of frost over, I’ve decided now is the time to plant out my seedlings.

Planting out couldn’t be easier.  I started by filling up the hanging basket with multi-purpose compost virtually to the rim.

 I then very carefully removed each plant from the seed tray and planted into two hanging baskets, planting at regular intervals before watering well.  The baskets are now hanging on a sunny wall and I can’t wait for a bumper crop of delicious, juicy tomatoes to come tumbling down!

Harvesting First Swift Potatoes

The Swift Potatoes I chitted in February and planted out on the 13th March are now ready for harvesting.  Today, I carefully rummaged inside the potato sacks and extracted enough new potatoes for two adults and two fussy children!

I’ve left the plants still intact in the hope that they’ll continue to produce more potatoes. I plan to serve today’s crop with melted butter and fresh mint from the garden.

Happy growing!!

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2 Responses to Planting Out Seedling Courgettes, Tumbling Tom Tomatoes and Harvesting First Swift potatoes

  1. robert says:

    thanks, my first time being a green finger and my plants are coming on now, need to go get a grow bag. Whats the story with chillis moving them from window tray to pot or grow bag. i live in far north of scotland not sure if i can plant outside up here. can i stick to my window?? its a large window south facing.

    • Hi Robert

      Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been having technical issues. I think your best bet is to keep them inside by a sunny window in a larger pot. I don’t have a greenhouse and grow alot of my stuff on window ledges. We’ve grown chilli plants before and have kept them inside even though we live in the South of England.

      Good luck – very best wishes – Lizzie

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