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Fox Fatally Attacks The Hens

However, experienced you are at Hen Keeping, nothing is worse than losing one of your brood.  This morning our worst nightmare came true when Rosemary, my daughter’s Light Sussex hen (pictured at the top of the photo) was snatched from our … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Home-Made Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial encapsulates the perfect English summer, it’s so quintessentially English and so easy to make!  On a hot summer’s day I love nothing better than the clink of icecubes, the smell of elderflower and the fizz of sparkling water.  It’s so refreshing … Continue reading

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Planting Out Seedling Courgettes, Tumbling Tom Tomatoes and Harvesting First Swift potatoes

This Spring I had every good intention of growing my own courgettes from seed, but time ran away with me.  Luckily, this week I went to a fabulous early summer fayre and bought two healthy courgette plants. Last year I planted my … Continue reading

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Sizzling Garlic and Herb Infused Escargots

Sometimes it’s rather fun to serve something slightly different for supper and I find escargots are always a great conversational piece when entertaining friends!!  Escargots are incredibly easy to prepare, have a certain wow factor, as well as tasting fabulous!  I served these last night when some … Continue reading

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