Upcycling Old Household Objects

Spring is in the air and it’s time for a spring clean!!  Over the winter I’ve been very tempted to give two items in my home a makeover and I’ve finally taken the plunge!!!

This week I’ve taken an old pine mirror and an old wooden tray and revitalised them both using paints and a stencil

Selecting Colour

For maximum success, a good paint colour choice is critical.  It’s worth noting that paint selected using a colour chart is invariably paler than the real thing.  This is because the colour chart is printed on white paper and the pigment appears more intense in a limited space.   I’ve also considered where I’m going to display the tray and mirror, and have taken this into account when making my selection.  Finally, having used two different types of paints the more expensive tester pot definitely provided the better finish! 


I started with the mirror, as I wasn’t so concerned if it all went horribly wrong!  The mirror is for my bedroom and I selected Homebase Home Of Colour Duck Egg Matt Emulsion.

It was surprisingly easy to paint as the mirror had recently become unstuck from the frame. 

I used a small paint brush to apply the paint, and gave it two coats, leaving 12 hours between each application.

Finally, once the paint had dried I applied superglue around the frame and reinserted the mirror.

The Tray

I bought the tray on a whim at a Country Fayre, seven years ago.  Unfortunately, although the shape of the tray has always appealed, the colour when I brought it home, clashed with everything!  My guest room is pale pink and green, so I’ve painted the tray in Farrow and Ball Green Ground . 

It required two coats, and once dried, I used a stencil and acrylic paints to decorate the tray.  Pictures of before and after appear just below this picture if you contine to scroll down!!

Before and After Photos!!!


Good luck and happy painting!

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