Pruning Roses

Yes, I know Alan Titchmarsh says don’t prune rose bushes until mid-March, but with this warm, wet weather, if I hadn’t attacked my rose bushes pdq, we were fast in danger of becoming engulfed by triffid like rose bushes, not seen since the castle got surrounded in Sleeping Beauty!!

With saw and secateurs in hand I started by taking out the dead and diseased shoots at the base of the rose bush.  Next I removed any shoots that were weak and feeble, or crossing the centre of the bush and causing congestion.

Finally, with my saw at the ready, I cut back the main stems (the thickest, strongest looking ones) to about knee-high, cutting them off about 1cm above an outward facing bud. 

Rose bush after pruning

After pruning I gave them all a good feed with David Austin‘s Slow Release Organic Based Rose Food.

If you would like further information on pruning roses please visit the David Austin website.


David Austin English Rose 'Mary Rose' (named f...

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve just ordered two roses on special offer in the March edition of House and Garden Magazine.  This month there’s also great offers to be had in The Garden Magazine published by the RHS and the David Austin website.

 Happy rose pruning!




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2 Responses to Pruning Roses

  1. Adrienne Craddock says:

    Oh dear, I did ours ages ago!!!! Is that a photo of your one of your new roses? It looks like Getrude Jekyll (excuse spelling) which you will love as it smells so lovely.


    • This year I’ll have to get my book out and try and identify it – it would be fab it is a Gertude Jekyll! Re your pruning – there are varying thoughts on when to prune depending on the type of rose. Old fashioned roses, ramblers and climbers require pruning immediately after flowering in July and others require pruning between late winter and mid-March. I’m sure your roses will be absolutely wonderful and you’ve pruned them at the right time. The pictures in the blog are of my well established roses as I’m waiting for my Alnwick special offer roses to arrive and can’t wait!!

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