Chitting Potatoes

chitting Vivaldi potatoes

I think there’s nothing better in the summer than eating your own homegrown potatoes, served with butter and mint from the garden. 

This week I’ve been chitting my potatoes on a windowledge for planting next month.

chitting swift potatoes

I’m planting three different varieties: Vivaldi, Charlotte and Swift potatoes.

How To Chit

Chitting is incredibly easy.  Once you’ve bought your seed potatoes stand them in a shallow tray or egg box, with the end showing the most “eyes” (or buds) at the top.  Keep each variety together with its label.

chitting Charlotte potatoes

Stand the potatoes in a light, frost free place – a windowsill in a cool room is ideal.  After a few weeks short green sprouts (or chits) will develop.  The potatoes are now ready to plant.  This sprouting process is not essential but it does get the plants off to a faster start.

What makes a good chit

A good chit is firm and green and will not knock off easily.

Why Chit

Chitting speeds up growth and is particularly useful for encouraging the earliest possible crop, but it does shorten the natural growing cycle at the end of the season.  Late season potatoes grown in July-end of August don’t require chitting because the soil conditions are warmer at this time of year.


Watering last year's potato seed

I bought my seed potatoes from Dobies, who have a great special offer available at the moment: 

Bargain Potato Growing Kit – £14:95 – Potato planters are the easy way to grow potatoes. In fact each planter is capable of producing up to 9lbs of healthy potatoes. These sturdy soft sided bags are ideal for growing a delicious crop of potatoes on the patio. With three potato varieties (Swift, Vivaldi and Charlotte) especially chosen from our patio growing potato trials for their high yields of delicious tasting new potatoes, we are certain that you will get a fantastic crop.

I’m intending to grow my potatoes in a container again this year.  Last year, my daughter’s class had a potato growing competition and to our great surprise she won!!!

Happy chitting!!

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