Fabulous Home Grown Lavender and More Summer Bulbs!!!

Lavandula angustifolia, Lamiaceae, Common Lave...

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I think for a complete sensory pleasure overload nothing beats a scented flower garden. I’ve always been passionate about English lavender, and in my previous cottage garden, I edged the pathway with Hidcote Lavender and deeply scented pink Alnwick Roses.  The combination of colour and scent was quite sublime!

Growing Lavender Indoors From Seed

This is so easy and the results are fantastic.  Fill a tray three-quarters full with seed compost, sowing the lavender seeds thinly on top.  Lightly cover with 0.5cm of compost, firm gently and keep moist.  I’ve placed my seed tray on a cool inside windowsill (between 10C-15C) and will transplant the lavender to individual pots once the seedlings have grown large enough.  Once the threat of frost is over, harden outside for a few days before planting out in the flower border.  Fingers crossed, the lavender should then flower between July to September next year. 

Hidcote Lavender thrives best in well-drained soil in full sun, and looks fabulous in containers or sown as a low hedge.  To retain a good shape, trim back immediately after flowering.

Summer Bulbs for Cutting

Yesterday, with some great assistance from Felix, I planted some gorgeous Dutch Iris and Corn Lily bulbs.

Dutch Irises

Dutch Irises are fabulous for providing a fantastic show of colour once all the spring bulbs have died down.  They flower best in a sunny spot in well-drained soil and I’ve planted mine in pots and flower borders.  Plant with the tip upwards, 10cm below the soil surface and 10cm apart, or in a container at least 25cm deep.

Corn Lilies

These bulbs are perfect for a late summer display and flower between June and August.  Plant with the tip upwards, 7cm below the soil and 10cm apart.  Again, if planting in a container ensure there are drainage holes and the container is at least 25cm deep. 


For a superb range of English and French Lavender plants online visit Norfolk Lavender.

Happy Planting!

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