Planting Summer Bulbs and Delphiniums

It’s been wet and windy on the farm this morning, so perfect conditions for planting a selection of summer bulbs!

With dibber in hand, I’ve braced the elements to plant 100 flower bulbs that will hopefully bloom between July and September.

Planting Summer Bulbs

I’ve planted an assortment of irises, freesias, liastris spicuta, alliums and anemones in the flowerbeds and also in pots and can’t wait to see them emerge in a few months time.  Using the dibber, I’ve planted at a depth of twice the bulb height, and at a distance of twice the length of the bulb.

Planting Delphiniums

I adore delphiniums for their depth of colour and height.  To plant from seed, I’ve filled a seed tray half full with compost and then scattered my seeds thinly on top of this, before lightly covering with more compost, and gently firming down and watering. 

As it’s February it’s very important to keep the delphiniums at a temperature of between 15-18C.  I’ve brought the seed tray inside, covered it with cling film with a few air holes to act as a propagator, and placed on a sunny window ledge.  

A modern hybrid Delphinium cultivar selected f...

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Seedlings should appear after 21-42 days, at which point I’ll remove the cling film, and let them grow further.

Potting On

When they’re large enough, I’ll transplant singly to 7.5cm (3 inch pots) and gradually acclimatise them to outside conditions, before finally planting them 18 inches apart from one another in the back of the border this summer.  I’ll have to wait until June or August next year to see the fruit of my labours, but will have had the immense satisfaction of “growing my own!”

Happy Planting

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