You’ll Never Guess What I Did With A Mirror This Weekend!

This is a really fun and easy way to make your own spectacular mirror.  

I’ve used pheasant feathers, but deconstructing an old feather boa would work just as well.  For a fantastic contemporary look, monochrome or brightly coloured drinking straws of varying lengths would look fab, or for something more edgy and architectural, try using nails.  Whatever materials you decide upon the general principle is the same: 


a brace of pheasants

an oasis ring

a mirror – I ordered mine from Make Me A Mirror

craft glue and super glue

a picture hook

Attaching the mirror to the oasis

oasis ring and mirror with protective covering

Attach the mirror to the oasis ring by first squeezing a ring of craft glue around the area of the oasis where the mirror will sit.  This provides a smooth area for the super glue to attach to.  Once the craft glue has dried, apply super glue and attach the mirror.

Next, secure a hook onto the back of the oasis, for hanging purposes later.  (The backing of my oasis was solid, so this was easy to do).

Finally, pluck the pheasants and retain the feathers.  I used the tail, wings, neck, back and breast feathers.


With the oasis laying in front of you, take the largest feathers and insert into the oasis to make an outer circle of feathers. 

sideways view of the mirror illustrating different feather sizes

Once the circle is complete, make a circle within this, using slightly smaller feathers, and repeat with ever decreasing sized feathers until the oasis is completely covered.

Get Creative

If you don’t have pheasant feathers readily available (see shopping section) why not spray or paint kebab and cocktail sticks for an original take on a sundial mirror.  The possibilities are endless!



I bought my oasis from a local florist, but there’s plenty of choice online.  I thought Elite Florist Supplies had a good selection at a reasonable price. 


Ordering the mirror couldn’t have been simpler.  Once I’d bought the oasis, I decided how large I wanted my mirror to be, and then ordered the exact size I required (18cm) from Make Me A Mirror

And finally, feathers online

If you love feathers you’re going to adore the  Jaffe Feathers website.  They have an incredible selection of ostrich, pheasant, peacock and guinea fowl feathers plus more, in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Good luck and happy mirror making!

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