Tastebud Tingling Sunshine Bruschetta

Quite unexpectedly, my husband rustled up the most delicious bruschetta yesterday for lunch.  It was served with the most amazing topping bursting with incredible flavour and crammed full of goodness!  I loved it so much, I’ve made it again today, this time with toasted wholemeal bread as we’d eaten all the baguette!!

Ingredients – Serves 1

1 large juicy sun-kissed tomato

1 succulent clove of garlic

a handful of fresh fragrant basil

a good sprinkling of olive oil 

Two slices of toasted wholemeal bread or a small baguette cut into rounds and toasted


Chop the tomato into 1cm size chunks, finely chop the garlic, and roughly shred the basil and place in a bowl.  Add a good glug of olive oil, season with sea salt and  ground black pepper and combine. 

To make the bruschetta

Cut a small baguette into rounds approximately 3 cm thick and toast using a grill, or slice the baguette in half lengthways and toast using a toaster.  Smear a fresh clove of garlic on top of the toasted baguette, drizzle with olive oil and serve with the topping!

Close your eyes and think of longer days and sunnier climes!  


If you adore the smell of freshly baked bread and want to enjoy this on a regular basis without the hassle of using traditional methods why not try the Panasonic – SD 257WXC Automatic Breadmaker which comes with a gluten-free programme.

Happy Feasting!!

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