Grow Your Own Delicious Winter Salad On The Windowsill

Winter Salad Leaves Propagator

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year, is to grow more of my own food, and I’ve kick started the year off by sowing some mixed winter  salad leaves .

Propagator on arrival

I bought my seeds and Jiffy Windowsill Propagator from Dobies, and was delighted when it arrived this morning.  I’ve never thought of growing any seeds in January before, and was greatly intrigued by the compressed  compost blocks!

rehydrated compost blocks


I began by pouring  800ml of water over the compost blocks to rehydrate them.  I then evened out the compost using my trowel before making some furrows. Next, I finely sowed my salad seeds and gently covered them with compost before lightly watering. 

Apparently, in 3 weeks time my salad will be ready to eat, and I’ll post a picture of the final result!


If you’d like to have a go at windowsill  gardening, here are a few more exciting products:

Marshall Seeds stock the ultimate plant propagator featuring 49 plant modules, which makes it ideal for using in the greenhouse or on a windowsill.

Nigel’s Eco Store is one of my favourite websites and is always worth a visit.  At the moment I particularly like his Red Kos, Red Tinged Batavia and Oak Leaf window box salad kit.

Finally, if your summer holiday seems a lifetime away, why not try recapturing that wonderful sunshine feeling by growing your own Mediterranean salad from The Greenhouse Warehouse .

Good luck and happy salad growing!

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