Heart-Shaped Christmas Wreath

For something a little different this Christmas why not make a heart-shaped wreath.  I’ve used dried rose heads but you could substitute these for sprouts, dried fruit, holly and mistletoe or anything else you had readily available. 


1 metal coat hanger                     

1 old pair of black tights and some garden twine

4-5 strands of ivy from the garden

green garden wire

42 dried rose heads (see my November post – The Art of Drying Flowers for more details)

a strand of ribbon




Take the metal coat hanger and bend into a heart shape, cutting off the hanger section with pliers.

Wrap a pair of old black tights around the coat hanger and secure to the wire frame with garden twine.  In the centre of the wreath, take a strand of ribbon and tie in a loop, so you have something to suspend the wreath from.

Now coil the strands of ivy around the frame, and tie this in using green garden wire


Finally, take your rose-heads and secure to the frame with the green garden wire.

This would make an excellent Valentine’s present if you used red roses instead of pink and white.  I bought my roses over a 5 week period from Sainsburys, selecting their cheapest roses at £2:99 and occasionally buying their more expensive version at £4:99.  In total I spent £18:75 on roses, however, if you made this in the summer, with roses from your garden, the cost would be greatly reduced.


If time is limited, Not on the High Street, have a great selection of christmas wreaths.  I particularly like their striking brussel sprout heart-shaped wreath priced at £25:00.  If you preferred to make your wreath using fresh flowers Discount Floral Sundries stock heart-shaped oasis at £8.50 excluding VAT.

Happy heart-shaped wreath making!

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