Make your own fabulous Christmas Wreath!

My wreath

I have a wonderful friend called Rachel, who’s a fabulously talented Interior Designer, and last christmas she shared with me her secrets for making a show stoppingly good christmas wreath:


Last year's Home Base wreath

A bog standard artificial circular wreath – we bought ours from Home Base

Green Garden Wire and sharp scissors

Dried Hydrangea and Rose Heads (see my earlier post on drying flowers)

Holly and Ivy, plus an assortment of green foliage from the garden

Old Man’s beard (fluffy clematis heads) and heather from the garden

Satin roses available at all good florists (Rachel chose white)

Silver christmas spray

Sparkly ornamental twigs (optional)



Place your garden foliage and flower heads on some old newspaper and at random, finely spray, for a shimmering frost effect.

Take your artificial wreath and turn it over, so the back of the wreath is facing you.  Tie your ribbon  around the top of your wreath and loop in a bow to identify top from bottom.  Position your artificial sparkly twigs (on the back of the wreath) so they point away from the wreath at different angles and secure with garden wire.  Rachel says it’s always best to use an odd number of twigs rather than even, and I secured mine on the left, right and bottom at differing heights and angles.  Don’t worry if at this stage you can see the garden wire as it will soon be covered up with foliage.

Once you’ve secured your twigs turn the wreath over, so the front is facing you, and begin to tie in your foliage using the wire.  We secured a mixture of bay leaves, variegated holly and ivy.  You can make it as bushy as you wish.

I then tied in the hydrangea and dried rose heads plus silk white roses and continued to play around with it until I was happy.  I made my wreath with nine friends and we all had a slightly different interpretation with some people incorporating dried fruit  and baubles into their arrangements.

The ever stylish Mrs B and her baubles!!

The wonderful thing about using the artificial wreath is that you can recycle it year after year and use the sparkly twigs and satin roses again too.  After the initial outlay of buying the wreath last year, this year’s wreath cost me £7:00 which I think is an absolute bargain for the result!!!

Alternatively, last weekend’s Saturday Telegraph had a great article on making a christmas wreath using a florist’s oasis ring that could also be used as a christmas table display.  Easy Florist Supplies provide florist rings and other floristic sundries.


If you’re looking for something very traditional and quintessentially EnglishFortnum and Mason  have made a stunning traditional christmas wreath with lots of dried fruit priced at £95:00.  Moyses Stevens are also producing beautiful christmas wreaths and will deliver nationally.  They haven’t yet updated their website but call them on Tel: 020 8772 0094 for more information.

For something a little more reasonably priced I particularly like Flower Angels‘ Apple Wreath priced at £29:99

I hope this has left you feeling inspired.  Happy Wreath making!

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