Warm yourself up with Golden Syrup Sponge

Yesterday, we woke to a winter wonderland with 10cm of snow and school closed for the day.  Hooray the children said as they  grabbed their cold weather gear and ran into the garden for a few hours of snowball fights, tobogganing and igloo making, while I battled through mucking out and feeding our animals.   Tired, wind burned and starving I warmed the children up with my quick and easy microwave golden syrup sponge:


50g butter                          50g castor sugar               

50g self-raising flour

1 medium-sized egg

2 tablespoons of golden syrup (or more! – enough to cover the bottom of your ceramic or plastic pudding basin)

2 tablespoons of milk


Grease your ceramic or plastic pudding basin (failing that a cereal bowl) and fill the bottom of your pudding basin with golden syrup.  Alternative fillings could include jam, marmalade or lemon curd.

Next put the rest of the ingredients in your food processor and mix well and then pour on top of golden syrup.  Cover the bowl with cling-film and microwave for 3 1/2 minutes or until firm.  Rest for one minute and then turn out onto a plate and devour!!!! 

The family are divided on whether it’s best to serve this with ice-cream, single cream or custard.  My husband has been known to try all three simultaneously! 


One of the best sponge puddings I’ve ever tasted was from The Old Fashioned Pudding Company.  This is one of my absolute favourite pudding websites as they have an amazing selection of steamed puddings including chocolate fudge, lemon curd, spotted dick, ginger and syrup, plus jam – they even do Christmas Puddings.  One the best things about this company is that they deliver quickly and the puddings arrive in the most fantastic reusable plastic pudding basins that you just pop in the microwave – genius!!!

And finally – Where have all the carrots gone? 

Before the heavy snow arrived we did a big supermarket shop in readiness for supper this evening with Robert, the Estate Manager and his wife.  Robert has very kindly allowed us to keep our pigs on the farm and as a thank you we’re serving some of our home reared pork with roast potatoes, green beans and mashed carrot and swede – well, we were going to, until in a moment of weakness I fed the carrots to my neighbours polo ponies.  Who could resist!!

Keep warm and happy sponge making!

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