Rat Attack at Pig HQ

Brown Rat

Image by Sergey Yeliseev via Flickr

A few days ago I raced down in the pouring rain to feed our pigs, Jupiter, Dilys and Percy, only to find that in the middle of the night, Pig HQ, had been infiltrated by rats.

During the past few months, kindly friends and neighbours have been leaving windfall apples and acorns on top of the hay bales at Pig HQ.  However, with the arrival of wet, colder weather, the farmyard rats have decided to move inside for warmth and a ready food supply.

Confronted by these hungry interlopers I felt my only option was to remove all these tasty goodies.  We’d been keeping three bags of pignuts on a table securely covered by tauplin, which I’ve now heaved and squeezed into my black dustbin, and have taken any surplus nuts up to the house.  Rat infestations can build up very quickly so I immediately alerted my husband.

One of my husband’s favourite sports is poisoning rodents, and over the years he’s become quite adept.  During this time we’ve accumulated various traps and different poisoning techniques, which we’ve now used around the perimeter walls of Pig HQ and at the entrance to their nest but so far I haven’t seen one dead rat!  Despite no physical evidence of the rats demise, pilfering has ceased and no fresh droppings have been left. 

Top Five Brown Rat Facts

1)      Brown Rats came to the UK in 18th century and can be identified by their black cylindrical droppings

2)      The average brown rat eats 30g of food and 60 ml of water a day.

3)      The female rat is only pregnant for 3 weeks, has a litter size of between 7-8 kittens, and produce 3-6 litters a year.

4)      After 12 weeks a rat reaches maturity and can mate, and leaves an average of 40 droppings a day.

5)      The most common diseases carried by rats are salmonella and Weil’s Disease

For an extensive range of rat poison products visit Rat Bait or alternatively Pest Control Supermarket who provide rat traps and poisons.  We used Rat Poison Kit 2 at £27.95.  For those of you who prefer something more humane try FM89 Beacon Advanced Mouse and Rat Repeller which uses electronic and ultrasonic technology to repel the rats. 

Happy rat catching!

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