Brighten your life with thoughts of Spring

Common snowdrop

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With the wind howling and the rain thrashing at my window, I’m already counting down the days until Spring!  My dream this year is to have a cacophony of colour in my garden from January right through until May, when my garden then comes into it’s own and is at it’s most spectacular.

After a cold dark winter, I adore nothing better than the arrival of the first snowdrops and crocuses and the thought of warmer and sunnier days to come.  With this in mind I’ve been planting an abundance of bulbs.

With trowel, dibber and my daughter at the ready, we’ve so far planted over 300 bulbs.

This year, I’ve primarily concentrated on filling my wooden flower tubs and pots with bulbs as well as the flower boarders.  For maximum effect I’ve planted snowdrops for January, crocuses for February, daffodils and hyacinths for March, tulips and grape hyacinths for April and alliums for early May. 

To achieve this effect we’ve planted a little and often.  It’s not too late for you to start now and continue planting bulbs until mid December.

HomeBase and Sainsbury’s currently have great offers on bulbs.  We bought a mixed bag of pink bulbs as well as selecting specific varieties.  One of my favourite bulb shops is Crocus.  They currently have 75% discount on some of their bulbs and are stocking a fabulous traditional hand bulb planter in stainless steel for £9:99.  I wish I’d known something like that existed before we started!!!  Direct Bulbs are also very good.  If you want something unusual why not take a look at Dejager.  I particularly like an unusual pink large cupped narcissus called Faith.

Happy planting!

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